Monday, 30 January 2017

Guidelines for the Great Freelance Alphabet Project

The spec. 

Theme: ‘Alphabet’
Materials: your choice
Size: your choice
Framing: optional, as long as the piece can be displayed easily.
(Please let Borin know of any particularly large or 3D pieces. All need to hang on a wall or stand on a flat surface.) 
Price: put a price on your work (including 30% commission to the gallery), if it is for sale. Otherwise put ’NFS’.  

Label information: The following needs to be sent to Borin by Monday 20 March, please.

Robin Peters at the Frame Workshop Gallery, Ipswich, will produce flyers and A4 posters as part of the gallery hire charge (paid from Freelance funds). We’ll need some help in circulating email, social media, paper publicity for the show. Please join in, use your networks and put up posters etc. to publicise the exhibition. 

Private View
Wednesday 5 April, 6-8pm. The cost of this will be shared between the nine participants. Mo will need the money before the Hang day, please. 

Costs: Gallery fee is £200; PV is £150. Freelance will pay for the gallery.  
We are asking for £20 from each participant to pay for the P.V., large print(s) and other publicity. 

The hang
Several people said that a non-ordered hang of work would be preferable to strict A to Z; this will mean that the work will be hung to make best possible use of the wall space (and flat space, if needed – 3D works are welcome). And to show everyone’s work off to the best advantage, of course. 

Collective alphabet print 
We aim to produce a full colour, large format print of the whole alphabet, A to Z, which will be displayed as part of the show – probably on an easel in the angled doorway window. This means that we’ll require High resolution digital images of all 26 works by Monday 20 March latest (although before that would be very welcome, as there is work to do to produce it). If possible we’ll produce some prints of the image for sale during the show. These shouldn’t be too costly; we’ll sort out details at the February meeting. 
If there is a real problem with completion of the work by Monday 20 March, please send an image of the ‘nearly-finished’ piece. If anyone has a problem with digital photography/scanning etc., please let Borin know. 

Dates for your diary
Monday 20 March: Label information emailed to Borin.
Monday 20 March: Digital images of each letter, emailed to Borin.
Tuesday 4 April from 12 noon: Hang day.
Wednesday 5 April, 6-8pm: Private View.
Tuesday 2 May from 9am: Take down of show.

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